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Jud Earns Indies Today Finalist Award

Jud has been named a Finalist for the Indies Today 2023 Award, which recognizes and honors the top independent and self-published books of the year. Ever the Night Road received the same honor for 2022.

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Mike Breen is an award-winning indie fantasy writer. He has a background in theatre (favorite playwrights tend to be a bit dark and Irish). He used to write simple songs with good friends, and still listens to the same punk bands that he did in high school. Mike likes truthful fantasy, books that are fearless, and British TV shows. When not writing, he is usually thinking about writing or trying to figure out how a mandolin works. 


Ever the Night Road, Mike's debut novel, is a coming-of-age story featuring female protagonist Dagny Losh. The teenager's longing for adventure becomes a high-stakes quest guided by the stars and ancient myth, as she and an array of companions encounter danger from both criminal and supernatural forces. Along the way, Dagny will discover the bonds of true friendship, young love and the depths of her own bravery in a brutal and enchanting world. 

Mike won the gold medal for fantasy in the 2023 Independent Publisher “IPPY” Book Awards, the gold medal for young adult fantasy in the 2023 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards, and a bronze medal in the U.K.’s Wishing Shelf Book Awards, among other accolades, for Ever the Night Road.


In Jud, the adventure continues where Ever the Night Road left off. Now eighteen, Dagny must brave the mythical, labyrinthine city of Jud, where streets and buildings shift with the twilight, and each door and alleyway may give rise to the most unexpected encounters. Jud has received multiple five-star reviews from Readers' Favorite and Indies Today. 


Mike is currently writing his third novel. Sign up for his e-newsletter and follow his socials at the links below for the latest news.

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