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ever the night road

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Ever the Night Road

This is a fantasy.


Of a City of water and glass. Of drowned things and lost memories lying just below its surface. Of concrete slums and a decaying Oracle Tower. And a deep underground.

It is also a fantasy of orphan children. Like Dagny Losh. She is an escape artist. Not a chosen profession but a survival tactic, thrust upon her at a young age to break free from poverty and violence, fever and flood. While others perished, Dagny emerged into a privileged world of polished brass gates and opportunity. But she is an imposter, a misfit in fine clothes. Perfumed with dirty fingernails. 

Now at seventeen, Dagny remains rudderless and lonely. Longing for a connection to a changing world. What she finds is a fragment of her old life, before the river washed everything away. A fragment once thought forever lost. And it will take all she has to protect it.

The award-winning Ever the Night Road is the first book in a two-part series. The sequel, Jud, is now available.


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