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ever the night road

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"Ever the Night Road is an onion read that is full of layers to peel back. It has the nuances of a masterful game of chess — or Michael Breen’s far more complex game of Talvarind. ...Many of the world-building elements are tantalizing glimpses into what may or may not be reality as the world is explored in further books. …Breen is a confident writer with a vivid imagination and the skill to share his far-from-everyday reality. Ever the Night Road is a well-paced read for those who like to savor exquisite details and be drawn deeply into the motivation of the protagonist."


“Michael Breen packs a lot into his novel. As a fantasy thriller, EVER THE NIGHT ROAD has an Indiana Jones vibe combined with the 'lawless frontier' themes of a good Zane Grey western. …[It] is a fantastic adventure tale filled with believable characters, striking imagery, and enlightening allegory. An excellent read for fans of character-driven, coming-of-age fantasy.”

Rob errera, Indiereader

IR Rating: 4.8/5

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“This coming-of-age adventure story mesmerizes the reader on multiple levels. The story has a melodic rhythm for its unfolding. The author also takes his time to paint the atmosphere and the characters’ inner states and have the reader inhale these two worlds. …After peering into the magical realms, lively slums, and cheerful settlements outlined by the author, resisting the call of adventure becomes futile.”

timea barabas, bestsellers world

"Ever the Night Road by Michael Breen is a fantasy that will take your imagination to new heights... Each page reveals a treasure of its own. After being drawn to this book by the cover art, I had no idea of the adventure I was about to embark on. Michael Breen has an amazing gift with words and stimulated my senses on a whole new level... With a strong female protagonist and other relatable characters, this book is sure to entertain and leave you pondering for days, which is exactly what I did. I feel I need to read it again because I am sure I will find more gems that I overlooked in Ever the Night Road."

Ronél Steyn, Readers' Favorite

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"[Ever the Night Road is] a story that doesn't ever stand still, drawing you ever deeper into mystery and darkness that is filled with pain and fear, but also a terrible hope. It's a story about children and love, friendship and families, and a story about what it means to truly belong. It's a story that utterly enchanted me! What a stunning debut novel by an author who blew past my already high expectations! Come, read, enjoy... and prepare to be enchanted!"

InternationaL review of books gold badge of achievement

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Literary Titan Silver Book Award_edited.

"This book is a story about the importance of friendship and inner strength. It’s a phenomenal read that gripped me from the beginning – a hard book to put down! ...The author does an exceptional job of creating a character I could relate to, and anyone who feels isolated and needs genuine connection. …I found the story’s plot surprising, leading to some exciting twists I didn’t expect. Ever the Night Road is a unique story that will keep you reading from one chapter to the next, with lively characters, plot developments, and great dialogue throughout. The book is adventurous and will keep readers interested and looking forward to the next book!"

Literary titan

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"Author Michael Breen has crafted a superb work of YA fantasy that chronicles a journey into a realm of enchantment, where characters grapple with their destinies in a city that defies understanding.


This compelling sequel allows readers to jump right into the action with a lot of natural reminders of the story so far, offering a high-octane continuation of the fantastical elements and character development from the opening novel. I was really impressed with the depth of the worldbuilding and the lore and mysticism surrounding the action, and I loved how legends and clues weave into the plot as secrets are revealed.


The close narrative focus on Dagny gives YA readers a chance to personally connect with her and all her vulnerabilities and strengths, offering a realistic and admirable hero for the tale. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend Jud as a compelling read for fantasy enthusiasts who appreciate intricate world-building and engaging storytelling.”

“Jud is a sequel worthy of its predecessor. Michael Breen continues with Dagny's highly anticipated adventure in a multilayered narrative with an illustrative and skillfully descriptive style that evokes captivating images as the reader is absorbed in the story...


It has a lot of twists, surprises, thrilling scenes, and even some small parts bordering on mature themes but is still acceptable for YA readers. Being a coming-of-age story, it also presents dilemmas that call for the characters' wisdom and development—something that strengthens the character arc. The story also has the underlying theme of connecting with family, friendship, and relationships and their changing dynamics. Fans of YA fantasy with drama and action will appreciate this series.”

"A fast-paced adventure full of challenges and imaginative mythical beings, Michael Breen’s Jud will captivate you from beginning to end.


As the quest unfolds, the reader is immersed in a fantasy

world of shifting streets, dark buildings, narrow pathways, and metal mythical princesses.


With its easy-to-read style, the story will take you on a magical flight of fancy. There are many unique aspects to the characters, and the plot keeps you guessing about their intentions.


Jud is a fantasy adventure in the truest sense of the word. There is an immense amount of imagination and creativity displayed by the author in this magical and mystical tale.


Jud is a very creative and entertaining story for young adult readers and a must-read for fans of fantasy action novels. Readers who appreciate elements of mythology, magic, and mysticism will be delighted with this book.”

5 stars transparent_edited.png

K.C. Finn,
Readers' Favorite

5 stars transparent_edited.png

Angelique Papayannopoulos,
Readers' Favorite

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"If you’ve ever been caught inside a huge, windowless building when the power goes out only to experience an anxious journey of discovery while you find your way back to the light, you’ll know how it feels to read this unabridged novel... 


Though this book is a sequel, earlier events are effectively drawn on and sorted throughout. Insecurity abounds and uncertainty builds as Dagny explores bizarre places and interacts with quirky characters. But the real pleasure comes from Jud’s mystique, a strange land that is almost too much to comprehend and could fill an entire bookshelf with its very essence.


For readers that love a series as expansive and magical as The Wizard of Oz or as unexpected and clever as The Maze Runner, read Michael Breen’s Jud, a staggering story whose creativity is unsurpassed."

5 stars transparent_edited.png

nicky flowers,
indies today

carmen tenorio,
Readers' Favorite

5 stars transparent_edited.png
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